Engaged residents are critical for the success of senior living communities.

Holleran’s Resident Engagement Index empowers providers to better understand how their residents are aging successfully. Over the last two and a half decades, we have specialized in researching and understanding the ways in which retirement community residents engage in their community, including what areas drive their overall satisfaction. Our research tools offer deep insights into resident attitudes and perceptions, enabling executive directors and other business leaders to make decisions and long term plans that strategically advance their business like never before.

Survey Features

  • Compare your community against the largest benchmark of its kind, with more than 96,000 independent living resident surveys, enabling you to compare your organization to similar providers across the nation
  • Average response rates above 70%
  • Standardized questions offer you a comparison against our benchmark, while customize-able factors allow us to tailor our tools to your needs
  • Surveys can be completed in a variety of ways, including online, written, and via telephone, all conducted by our in-house data collection team
  • In-depth, personalized reporting conducted by our team of analysts experts, providing you with the best insights possible from your data


We methodically examine your results, directing you to areas of strength and opportunity.

Once your survey is complete, Holleran’s expert data analysts scrutinize your results from every angle. Our reports provide actionable insights upon which your team can build a strategy for future success. The Holleran team will personally guide you in understanding your data, utilizing one-on-one conversations and interactive dashboards that give you comprehensive control over your findings. Following your study, we will also share resources and best practices, unique to your results, to help guide your continued success.


Holleran is a certified CoreQ vendor.

CoreQ is a set of five measures for skilled nursing care centers and assisted living communities to use to assess satisfaction among patients, residents, and their families. Many professional and oversight organizations now ask that CoreQ surveys be performed in order to meet requirements.

Holleran can perform your CoreQ surveys and assessments to the required standards. Our team will ensure that you have reliable, valid results that demonstrate customer satisfaction within your assisted living and skilled nursing practices.