Well-Being Survey

Let’s imagine a new type of workplace that people would gravitate toward… What does that look like?

For more than two years our employees have struggled in many different ways during the pandemic. As employers, it’s hard to know what the first step to assisting our employees should be.

Holleran’s research shows that we should begin by opening up the once-taboo topic of mental health/well-being, and making it a safe topic for discussion. Holleran developed a quick 18-question survey where you’ll be able to discover whether your employees think the campus places importance on mental health, feel supported by their supervisor, the three biggest stressors, and what the most important factors are when accepting a job.

Armed with this feedback, campus leaders can put together action plans which lead to short and long-term solutions. Shenandoah Valley Westminster-Canterbury, a Life Plan Community based in Winchester, Virginia, completed the Holleran Well-Being Survey a few months ago, which led to the discovery that employees could not readily access services offered by the campus’ Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

This information proved vital to making systemic changes throughout the organization, including offering more targeted wellness resources and better accommodation of employee schedules. Interested in learning more about this survey? Email Katelyn McCauley at kmccauley@holleranconsult.com or
call (717) 478-5211.

New Resident Survey

Keeping New Residents Happy Is More Important Than Ever!

Holleran’s New Resident Survey is designed to “take the temperature” of residents who just moved onto your campus, to assess their level of satisfaction and gauge how well the retirement community is meeting their needs. We send the survey via e-mail at 30, 90 and 180 day intervals and forward the individual responses to a key person or persons on campus who uses the feedback to immediately resolve any issues. This real-time follow up positions your campus for quick action and leads to happier new residents who feel their voice is being heard.

Why is this so important? New residents are often reluctant to “complain” to staff, thinking they don’t want to rock the boat. However, if they are dissatisfied with something, they will eventually tell other residents as well as their family and friends. That doesn’t bode well for a healthy campus culture or positive word of mouth in the greater community. In these days of occupancy challenges, can your campus afford a ding to its reputation, hurting your brand image? What’s more, it is your new residents who are most likely to make referrals to other prospective older adults. A great way to build the sales pipeline!

Interested in learning more? Contact Katelyn McCauley at kmccauley@holleranconsult.com for pricing and details.

Assisted Living Engagement Survey

Introducing the Assisted Living Engagement & Satisfaction Survey

Discovering how satisfied assisted living residents are with your campus is important. But now you can also uncover how they feel about four important dimensions of engagement too, including how well their voice is heard, their engagement with their own life goals, whether self-esteem needs are being met, and if they feel empowered to make decisions about their own care.

Interested in learning more? Contact Katelyn McCauley at kmccauley@holleranconsult.com for pricing and details.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Survey

Do employees believe your campus supports a culture of inclusion?

Now more than ever, your campus should want to know employee perceptions around inclusion. And the good news is, if you are planning an employee engagement survey anytime soon, Holleran allows you to add questions about inclusion to that survey, and get two separate reports without having to send out a survey two times.

Do your employees feel accepted for who they are? Do they feel safe reporting discrimination if it exists? Are promotions and raises given based on merit and performance? Are people of differing backgrounds welcomed and valued?

Using the responses to these questions can help you develop a robust diversity strategy for your campus, and demonstrate your commitment to equality. Interested in learning more?

Contact me at 970-209-8140 or e-mail me at michele@holleranconsult.com.

Covid Resident Survey

How do residents and their families rate your campus’ COVID response?

As states begin to reopen and your team contemplates how to best carry on with campus life over the next six months, you need feedback from your residents quickly and inexpensively to make good decisions. Holleran is ready to help you. We can deploy a survey almost immediately to get answers that will help you in your decision-making going forward.

How well do residents think your team responded to COVID-19? What did they miss most about campus life during quarantine? How good was the food service? Responsiveness to their requests? What is their current level of optimism about the future? What are they most worried about going forward?

What new services would they like to see offered?

Holleran will provide an online survey link which can be emailed to residents and family members and posted on your website.

Get anonymous answers in real time. Easy to understand graphic report. We are able to provide this survey for the reasonable cost of $1800.

Contact Michele Holleran, CEO at michele@holleranconsult.com to learn more.

Culture Assessment Survey

A Fast Way To Get A True “Read” of Your Campus Culture

A healthy campus culture is something every community strives to attain. Yet, getting our arms around “culture” has its challenges. Many surveys are complex and take a boatload of questions to get at the heart of what is really going on in the minds of employees. What’s more, employees grow tired of filling out multiple surveys throughout the year.

Holleran has eliminated the need for all those surveys. By adding our culture module of 18 questions to your employee engagement survey, you only have one survey to administer to staff, but you receive two reports—an employee engagement report and a culture report. And by doing the survey ONE time, you save money and have the ability to find data trends that are truly insightful. As an example, you can determine where subcultures exist, by department and among certain pockets of employee demographic groups. The ability to pinpoint trends in this way allows you to implement change strategies that really work.

The Holleran Culture Assessment is short, but it accurately measures from the employee perspective how the organization treats people, how it makes decisions and how well it adapts to change. These are the three elements that make up organizational culture. Information is actionable and real improvements can be made. Culture counts. We know how to help you make sense of it and move the needle in a positive direction.

Want to learn more? Please contact Katelyn McCauley at kmccauley@holleranconsult.com