Senior Living Needs Assessments

Position your organization to respond to unmet needs in the greater community.

By conducting a Senior Living Needs Assessment with older adults in your area, your business will quickly become a regional thought leader. Our assessments guide the strategic alignment of services with external demands and fosters strong local partnerships that are age friendly. Providers are under increasing pressure to demonstrate their not-for-profit establishment and to enhance mission effectiveness. Needs assessments can assist providers in adopting concepts and integrate aspects of healthcare reform.

Through our assessment, we will partner with your organization to gather the appropriate data and solicit meaningful feedback from the communities you serve. Our team works with your board of directors and/or senior leadership team to interpret the results, prioritize findings and develop an effective implementation plan.

Community Health Needs Assessments

We specialize in conducting high quality community research and successfully integrating findings into community health improvement initiatives.

Understanding traditional health concerns and the social determinants of health that affect your community is the first step in addressing needs. Holleran has been conducting community health needs assessments since 1992. Our approach is highly customized, with emphasis placed on collaboration with our client partners. Our team will work to define the process and customize our interview instruments to create the right mix of qualitative and quantitative research that meets your specific objectives.

Working with Holleran to complete a study of the needs of seniors in our region was an important step toward transformation at Westminster Canterbury Richmond. Our community is now more engaged than ever in improving the lives of seniors in our region.”

Gayle Haglund, Vice President Resource Development