“Research is creating new knowledge.”

Neil Armstrong

We’ve been creating new knowledge for nearly three decades.

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Employee engagement is the single most critical business lever your organization has.

Holleran’s Employee Engagement Index is a tool unlike any other. Our experts analyze your data and provide an overview of the engagement levels within your organization. Understanding this one metric will set you apart from the competition and contribute to your strategic vision.

We categorize engagement into five zones.

The Orange Zone is full of Catalysts and Advocates who are highly engaged and invested in your success.

The Blue Zone, which includes Endorsers and Contributors, are satisfactory employees, but they are not helping your organization grow.

The Green Zone consists of active or passive Resistors – the naysayers and toxic individuals who are disengaged and threaten the culture of your organization.

Resident engagement goes beyond mere satisfaction alone.

For years, aging services organizations surveyed their residents to find out their level of satisfaction. Yet, being satisfied with a portion of the resident experience does not always mean that someone feels engaged with their community. Our Resident Engagement Index shows how residents feel about their life on a simple, eight-point scale, giving our partners a barometer with which success can be truly measured.

Research doesn’t start with a spreadsheet. It begins with personal interactions.

Our data collection team creates real connections between people, gaining insights into their perceptions.

The best way to understand how someone feels is to talk to them. This is especially true when trying to measure engagement. The point at which data is collected is just as important as the analysis. For this reason, we don’t outsource our data collection efforts.

Our in-house data collection team specializes in talking to residents, just like yours, ensuring that you get valid and reliable results. Our associates have spent thousands of hours on the phone with older adults, cementing them as experts in engaging with seniors.

Technology is a tool; what matters most are people.

We focus on what your data actually say, not just how it is presented.

Senior living and retirement providers value their people above all else – and rightfully so! The interaction between team members and residents is core to organizational culture. No community can succeed without a caring team of people.

At Holleran, we hold this same belief. We value people and relationships. An email or a spreadsheet isn’t a substitute for a conversation. Technology alone cannot help you craft your strategic plan. But, our consultants, researchers, and analysts most certainly will.

Camille Burke

Holleran has taken their data reporting to a whole new level with their interactive reporting platform. The ability to hyper-focus and quickly interpret employee feedback has proven to be vital across all areas of our organization.

Camille Burke, COO

Barbara Thomas

Holleran’s survey helped us to develop a new mantra – “together transforming the experience of work. We have always had the favorable results of working successfully with our residents. We want no less for a successful experience for our staff. New data tools offered by Holleran will position us to better understand and retain our best staff.

Barbara Thomas, President & CEO

Gayle Hunter Haglund

Working with Holleran to complete a study of the needs of seniors in our region was an important step toward transformation at Westminster Canterbury Richmond. Our community is now more engaged than ever in improving the lives of seniors in our region.”

Gayle Haglund, Vice President Resource Development

Justine Vogel

Holleran allows us to make data-driven decisions for our organization.

Justine Vogel, President & CEO