Whether a person is a seasoned executive, or new to a leadership role, they never stop learning.

As the world of aging services evolves and changes, so do the skills required to succeed as a business leader. Thanks to our incredible depth of research, we are often able to identify trends in the senior living and retirement community field well ahead of the rest of the industry. These findings are then put into practice through leadership training and development, giving communities an edge as they try to outpace the competition.

Leadership Engagement Program

Good leaders are born. Great leaders are made.

Thanks to our more than two and a half decades of research, we have been able to identify key behaviors and traits that leaders at all levels need to display. By demonstrating these attributes, we have personally witnessed leaders radically improve the culture of their organizations. Our Leadership Engagement Program is designed for you to invest in your front line supervisors and directors, with a goal of improving engagement across all levels of the organization.

Program Features

  • Initial organization-wide employee engagement survey (as outlined here)
  • Identify twenty-four front line leaders whose efforts could dramatically improve the organization
  • 360 degree evaluations for those twenty-four leaders, including up to ten people and their direct supervisor
  • Four on-site training sessions, facilitated by the Holleran team, focusing on the development of leadership and engagement skills, as identified by our previous research and evaluations
  • Upon completion of the program, Holleran will administer a second employee engagement survey to determine outcomes


The Leadership Development Program is designed to shift the needle on engagement in your business. To begin, you will have completed an initial employee engagement survey. The results of this study are then used to identify and train twenty-four front line leaders in your organization who are likely to have a significant impact upon engagement. These leaders are put through a rigorous self evaluation and are provided with customized training designed to improve their leadership skills and techniques. At the conclusion of the program, another employee engagement survey is administered, so that you can see the outcome of your efforts first hand.

Note: In practice, this program takes roughly one year to fully complete.

Creating a Culture of Engagement Seminar

Engagement isn’t a project; it’s a process.

Organizations who embrace the concept of engagement quickly realize that it is a year-round process. Holleran’s research provides the ground work on which to build strategic plans of action. Then, leaders have to implement those plans continuously to improve. Our “Creating a Culture of Engagement” seminar is designed to supplement that cycle, giving your team the tools they need to grow community culture.

Program Features

  • An interactive four hour, on-site program, facilitated by a Holleran consultant
  • Up to thirty participants per session
  • Provides interpersonal tools that helps your team create a culture of engagement everyday


Participants receive a solid grounding in the theory of engagement culture. This knowledge is then applied through the teaching of skills and techniques that empower your team and reinforce the culture of engagement organization-wide.

Leaders as Change Agents Seminar

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Within any organization, leaders must embrace and demonstrate the values that they want their team to live by. As communities adopt a culture of engagement, it behooves leaders at all levels to understand how they can make contributions that lead to the success for their teams. The “Leaders as Change Agents” seminar is designed to give your front line leaders the interpersonal tools they need to advance your culture.

Program Features

  • An interactive two hour, on-site program, facilitated by a Holleran consultant
  • Up to 30 participants per session
  • Gives your leaders techniques and tools that help them to guide your organizational culture at all levels


After completing this program, participants are better equipped to mold the culture of your organization through their everyday interactions with their teams. The techniques and strategies taught in this course enable leaders to look at day-to-day situations through a new lens, giving them an understanding of how they are an integral part of your culture.