An engaged workforce builds brands and saves money.

The biggest issue facing aging services providers today is workforce development. Holleran’s Employee Engagement Index is the best way to understand the strengths and opportunities within your organization. Our research tools provide insights that go beyond mere satisfaction alone, allowing you to hone in on specific attitudes, trends, and work groups that will elevate your business above the competition. For more than twenty-five years, we have been researching and discerning what motivates employees at senior living and retirement communities. Our conclusions are designed for CEO’s and human resources professionals, who need a big a picture view that enables them to craft a long-term and actionable retention strategy.

Survey Features

  • Compare your community against the largest benchmark of its kind, with more than 59,000 senior living employee surveys enabling you to compare your organization to similar providers across the nation
  • Average response rates above 70%
  • Standardized questions offer you a comparison against our benchmark, while customize-able factors allow us to tailor our tools to your needs
  • Surveys can be completed in a variety of ways, including online and written, all conducted by our in-house data collection team
  • In-depth, personalized reporting conducted by our team of analyst experts, providing you with the best insights possible from your data
  • Results can be filtered in numerous ways, giving you departmental level understanding


Through our expert analysis of your responses, we identify opportunities for growth.

No organization wants to be static. Whether your goal is to expand your footprint, or to provide your team with personal growth, Holleran’s robust reporting can support your plans. Upon completion of your study, our team of data analysts pour over your report to find nuances through which your organization can flourish. We personally guide you, every step of the way, with one-on-one conversations and interactive dashboards that put the power of your data at your fingertips. Once your study is complete, we will also provide resources and best practices, formulated from our years of experience in the field, that have been tried and tested with our client partners.