Focus Groups

When you speak to a group, the sum is more than the whole of its parts.

Surveying can be an incredibly effective method for understanding the dynamics within a population. Yet, this method of data collection only provides you feedback based on a static set of questions. Focus groups allow you to go beyond the page, engaging key stakeholders in exploratory conversations that get to the heart of their motivations, desires and needs. Our team is experienced in directing focus groups on a variety of topics, gaining the insights that you need to chart the course of your business for years to come.

Resident Engagement Forums

Change emanates from open and honest dialogue.

Ensuring that your residents not only feel heard, but actually are heard, can be challenging. Residents quickly develop perceptions surrounding life in your community, your team, and your services. Often, we find that they desire a space where they can be open and honest about their opinions, in a way that can affect change in their lives. Holleran’s Resident Engagement Forum is a specialized, large scale focus group designed specifically for senior living and retirement communities. The forum enables leaders to succinctly elicit feedback from residents that they may not have otherwise shared. This information can then be used to make plans of action that can quickly make a difference.

Action Planning

Success doesn’t just happen. It is planned for.

Data can be overwhelming. Surveys, focus groups, engagement forums, and other kinds of research provide invaluable insights into business operations. Yet, when we are faced with a large volume of information, it can be incredibly hard to decide where to start. This is where Holleran comes in; we are experts in synthesizing data in a way that makes it actionable. Our team has helped hundreds of aging services leaders and executives in creating action plans, based solidly within the data. These plans go beyond words on paper, becoming living, executable documents that guide business decisions towards your strategic goals.