Research and experience show that socially responsible organizations reap numerous benefits.

When you ask aging services professionals what sets apart not-for-profit providers from the rest of the competition, the answer is usually summed up in one word – “mission”.

This strong focus on mission usually comes from the historic roots of the organization. But, today, that focus is being leveraged in innovative ways to broaden the scope and reach of the services that providers offer.

This white paper contains critical and actionable findings that you can apply to your organization, starting now. Findings include:

  • Insights on how mission driven programming not only creates thought leadership, but also positively impacts the bottom line.
  • Data-backed findings that demonstrate the positive outcomes of a corporate social responsibility strategy.
  • Examples of how not-for-profit providers around the country are engaging with their communities in surprising ways.

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Are you looking for a way to expand your mission, reach further into the community, and build strong partnerships?

Holleran’s Senior Living Needs Assessments provide a multi-pronged approach to learning about what your local area needs to age successfully today, tomorrow, and throughout the next decade.

Utilizing interviews, surveys, focus groups, and secondary data, Holleran can provide a complete overview of the opportunities to be found in your service area.