You know what seniors say they “want.”
But, have you taken the time to find out what they actually need?

A Senior Living Needs Assessment can give you the scoop on the middle market, future housing issues, and the changes in population health – putting you ahead of the competition in meeting the needs of future retirees.

When an organization undertakes a “market study,” it’s usually because they have an idea for a new product or expansion and they want some data to back it up. Thinking of expanding? Lenders will want to see that there is a market for the new units. That’s why providers do market studies.

But, what if you didn’t just assume that you know what the market wants?

What if instead you researched the market, from the ground up, and learned about unmet needs in the community? Imagine if you could predict the services that aging people will need in the next five to ten years. Wouldn’t you rather build a strategic infrastructure for expanded services than just another set of apartments?

A Senior Living Needs Assessment creates an in depth look at the senior population in your area, providing your organization with insights that will make you a thought leader for years to come.

Senior Living Needs Assessments turn the concept of a “market study” on its head.

Holleran’s professional public health researchers start with a geo-targeted, deep dive into the health and wellness data available on seniors in your area. While this research is being conducted, our consultants interview local key informants who direct public policy and complementary charitable work, such as elected officials, not-for-profit executives, community organizers, and volunteers. Of course, getting the opinions of seniors themselves is critical as well, so we mobilize our in-house data collection team to perform digital, written, and telephone surveys. These efforts are complemented by focus groups, where researchers collect comprehensive feedback from target consumers.

Analysis of Health
& Wellness Data

Key Informant Interviews

Targeted Consumer Surveys

Interactive Focus Group

The final report that you will receive is an extensive, actionable document detailing the unique and specific needs of seniors in your area.

Instead of building a strategic plan based on gut-instinct, you can create a road map for expansion and growth that is based on robust research.

Rather than trying to build what seniors “want” right now, you can anticipate their needs over the next decade. And, in the process, you’ll build brand recognition and create deep connections with local influencers and policy makers. While your competitors keep trying to reposition themselves, you’ll already have the products and services in place to meet market demands.

Connect with your community. Build brand recognition. Discover needs. Enjoy success.

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