Keep up with the rhythm of your new residents with real-time move-in surveys!

For new residents to your community, the first 180 days are critical. Move-in Surveys provide real-time feedback on resident engagement and satisfaction at 30, 90, and 180 days after move-in.

For an older adult, making a move is hard.

When someone leaves a single-family home and joins life at a senior living campus, their whole world changes.

Getting regular, actionable feedback from these residents is crucial to ensure that they successfully integrate into your campus, become engaged with the community, and feel satisfied with their experience.

Taking the time to garner resident feedback on a regular interval can help to reduce move-outs, improve satisfaction, and build marketing momentum through word of mouth.

Holleran’s Move-in Surveys are designed to collect succinct, actionable feedback that community leaders can use to make their newest residents feel welcome and valued.

Surveying with Rhythm

Utilizing our background in research, coupled with our deep understanding of resident engagement and satisfaction, the Holleran team designed a series of three surveys that get at the heart of the resident move-in experience at specific intervals. Each survey is designed to provide actionable feedback that allows organizational leaders to ensure that a new resident is being provided with everything they need to age successfully.

30 Days

The first thirty days of the resident experience are critical for building resident satisfaction for the long term.

90 Days

At the ninety day mark, residents should not only be satisfied with their move, but also be showing signs of engagement within the greater community.

180 Days

After having spent half a year living in a community, a resident should be fully engaged, enjoying the benefits of community life, and showing signs of improved aging.

How does it work?

Deploying Move-in Surveys with Holleran in your community is really simple!

Our system automatically distributes your surveys, providing you with feedback in real-time, as well as aggregated reporting statistics if desired.

You supply Holleran with a monthly list of your new residents, along with their contact information.

At 30 days after move-in, Holleran sends the first survey. Surveys are typically completed online.

Once a resident completes the 30 day survey, they are automatically sent future surveys.