November 2015

November 2015

The Holleran Insight Poll is distributed quarterly to senior living leaders nationwide. The poll, which is designed to be a quick pulse on a variety of topics relevant to senior living, was sent via email to more than 3,000 senior living contacts. Holleran’s objective is to build a forum for questions and information that is powered by you and your senior living colleagues.


Organizational Diversity

The majority of respondents believe their organizations could do more to address diversity as most of them indicated that too little was being done to address Race/Ethnicity, Religion, Lifestyle and Disparate Incomes.


Desired Personal Aging Scenario

More than half of respondents (54%) would prefer to age in place with support as needed.


Fundraising Revenue

According to respondents, approximately 40% of their organizations’ fundraising revenue comes from residents.


Organizational Initiatives: Future vs. Current Customers

According to respondents, approximately 61% of organizational initiatives focus on current customers while 39% focus on future customers.


Future Strategy Planning

Respondents reported a variety of approaches to future strategy planning with 35% reporting Solid Planning & Implementation and 32% reporting Strong engagement by all stakeholders.


Nearly 80% of respondents have been contacted by a recruiter in the past 6 months.
More than half of respondents (54%) would prefer to age in place with support as needed.
Almost 90% of respondents agree that their "not for profit" status is a competitive advantage.
Respondents believe wages are the most likely cause of turnover while benefits are the least likely cause.

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