A detailed look at your local market, fast.

Whether you’re trying to better understand the middle market, become more strategic with your sales and marketing program, or plan for future growth and expansion – this report is for you!

Your Local Market, Defined

The Market Intelligence Report is a tool that senior living providers have been dreaming of for years.

We know that today’s aging services providers are craving a deep, data driven understanding of the market. But, the market in New York City isn’t the market in Boise, and that isn’t the market in Dallas! National research and studies can’t drive local decisions.

Sales and marketing teams need to define their markets, and build strategies to meet truly local needs today, tomorrow, and in the future.

That’s why Holleran partnered with SenioROI, the leader in consumer data for people aged 55+, to create an unparalleled tool built to meet the needs of today’s aging services leaders.

What’s contained in the report?

Utilizing our background in research, SenioROI’s understanding of consumer data, and in consultation with senior living marketing professionals, this report was designed to contain information vital to determining the make-up of your local market, with a specific eye to the 55+ consumer. Our report allows you to see thousands of data points in aggregate and by locality, age, and income, providing your marketing team with data driven insights that they’ve never had before.

Distributions for income, income producing assets, networth, and more, allowing you to visualize the economic conditions of your area.

Detailed real estate information, such as available home equity ranges, property values, and rates of home ownership.

Critical consumer behavior trends, including interest in pets, green living, and a consumer’s likelihood to make charitable contributions.

How does it work?

The Market Intelligence Report distills thousands of consumer data points into an easy to use, interactive dashboard.

You supply Holleran with up to ten zip codes for which you’d like to understand the 55+ market.

In partnership with SenioROI, consumer data is compiled for your requested locations from several sources.

Our team of experienced data analysts review the results and build your customized report.

Thomas Garvin (Market Intelligence)

The demographic information provided by Holleran’s Market Intelligence Report is in a very useful and easy to use format. For Life Plan Communities looking to venture into new product lines or considering expansion, this tool can really demonstrate the market potential that exists within a particular area.

Thomas Garvin, President & CEO

Understand the Middle Market

If you want to reach the middle market, you first need to define where the middle is for your community. This report shows you the median income, home equity, net worth and more - localized to your service area.

Plan for Growth and Expansion

Thinking of a new development on campus? Looking to expand your service offerings? This report will give you deep insights into key economic and real estate indicators, shaping your future decisions.

Strategic Sales and Marketing

Get the most of your marketing budgets by understanding key local consumer demographics and behaviors. Identify pockets of veterans, interest in pets, and education levels quickly and easily!

By now, you're probably wondering, "how much does this report cost?"

The Market Intelligence Report costs less than a single, average marketing mailing.

Are you ready to learn more? Would you like to see a sample report? It's easy to get the process started.

Just complete the form, or give us a call at 800-941-2168 and let us know that you're interested in the Market Intelligence Report.

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