Highly engaged residents can be found in all levels of care.

Now, you can be sure that your team is delivering an engaging experience for those residents that need a little extra help.

For years, Holleran has been the industry leader in measuring satisfaction among residents at senior living communities. We revolutionized the understanding of the independent living resident experience when we introduced the concept of engagement into our research. Now, we are advancing our space even further with the introduction of our Assisted Living Engagement tool.

How does your assisted living engagement measure up?

Find out with our new benchmark!

Engagement looks different as we age. As our health care needs evolve, so must our understanding and perceptions of engagement. For more than a year, our researchers studied and analyzed assisted living practices. The insights they gained were translated into a new survey tool, which was piloted by more than twenty aging services providers across the country. We heard from more than a thousand assisted living residents and their responsible parties, enabling us to launch our new assisted living engagement benchmark – the first of its kind!

Survey Features

– Standardized questions offer you a comparison against our benchmark, while customize-able factors allow us to tailor our tools to your needs

-Average response rates above 75%

– Surveys can be completed in a variety of ways, including online, written, and via telephone, all conducted by our in-house data collection team

– In-depth, personalized reporting conducted by our team of analysts and experts, providing you with the best insights possible from your data

With our proven survey tools, we can help you measure and create engagement with your assisted living residents.

This new tool goes beyond mere satisfaction alone, giving you the most in-depth look you have ever had at the assisted living resident experience.

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