Preliminary findings show a significant increase in Overall Satisfaction scores based on engagement level.

Wrightsville, PA. – August 29, 2019. Holleran, the nation’s leader in researching engagement and satisfaction within senior living organizations, has revealed some trending analyses from its recently established Assisted Living Engagement benchmark.

With every one-point increase in Assisted Living Engagement, Overall Satisfaction increases by 16%. “This discovery isn’t necessarily shocking, but when paired with previous findings that residents and family members are 15% more likely to recommend their community to friends and relatives if they are feeling engaged, only touches the tip of how important Engagement is among this population,” says Brittany Yovanovich, Marketing Specialist with Holleran. “Sales and marketing departments should pay close attention to these numbers as they could have a significant impact on occupancy numbers. Promoting an engaged resident group, along with high satisfaction and resident “would recommend” scores are a great way to attract potential residents to communities,” Brittany concludes.

 “We are continually data mining this new benchmark, discovering trends that show the importance of measuring engagement in higher levels of care acuity,” says Katelyn McCauley, Research Analyst with Holleran. “There is a deeper understanding of Assisted Living residents and what they desire to live an engaged life, in the way that allows them to age successfully.”

Holleran’s proprietary benchmarks include the opinions and views of more than 200,000 residents, employees, and other stakeholders of senior living organizations, all collected within the last two years. By analyzing this data, Holleran’s researchers are able to find correlations that both reinforce commonly held beliefs and shatter preconceived notions about living in a retirement community.

You can learn more about the new Assisted Living Engagement survey tool and benchmark by visiting the website.