Great response rates are crucial for successful surveys.

At Holleran, we average a 70% survey response rate.

With nearly three decades of survey experience under our belts, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to increase survey participation. Now, we’ve boxed up all of that knowledge and are providing it to every client partner!

Introducing the Holleran Survey Success Box!

Whenever we talk to new client partners, one of the questions we often hear is, “how can you help me boost our response rates?”

That’s where this new tool comes in!

The Holleran Survey Success Box provides everything an organization needs to ensure a great survey experience, whether with residents, employees, or other stakeholders.

Each Survey Success Box Contains

One $25 Amazon Gift Card

“I Surveyed” stickers
(more than enough to cover your survey population)

Best practices for great response rates

An introduction to surveys with Holleran and more!

And, best of all, it’s free for all client partners!

Starting on August 1, 2019, every Holleran client partner will receive a Survey Success Box for each location being surveyed. You can choose to use the best practices listed in the guide, or be innovative and come up with some new ideas of your own!

At Holleran, we support your survey like no one else!

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