At the core of a strong culture of resident engagement, is an even stronger culture of employee engagement. It’s through each employee’s deep commitment to the community and the residents that translates into an atmosphere of trust and support.

Recent findings from the Holleran National Benchmark shows that when there is an increase of employee Resistors or disengaged employees there is a decrease in Connection at the community level. Glenwood Retirement Community, a United Church Homes campus located in Marietta, Ohio, has captured the true culture of Resident Engagement through Connection. In 2017, they received Holleran Highest Honors in recognition of their exemplary resident engagement scores.

Holleran measures Connection on four key factors – focusing on acceptance and inclusion of residents, amicable relationships with employees, opportunities for socialization, and engagement outside of the campus. Amy Kotterman, Director of Hospitality Services for United Church Homes, adds “the atmosphere of connection between the residents and employees is extremely tangible. From the moment you walk into the building, you are aware of the heightened culture of engagement at Glenwood Retirement Community.”

“It’s not activities or special programming [that keeps the connection strong]. Hospitality is non-negotiable at Glenwood Retirement Community. Our team has dedicated and focused their attention on the resident, not the task. The commitment to this core value is the foundation of a connected campus,” states Linda Dailey, Executive Director.

Employees are an extension of the resident’s family, and this bond is especially important – employees who feel connected to residents are less likely to leave and seek employment elsewhere. For residents, they are more likely to venture out in the community if it provides an opportunity to interact with employees whom they look forward to seeing each day. Residents thrive in an environment where rich connections are established, not only with other residents but with employees as well.